Tonigy - Multimedia CD System/2

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Last version

2002 Sep 19 (1.7)

Last site update

2005 Mar 11

Read overviews of Tonigy:

1. Tonigy IFS [Japanese]

2. Tonigy - A Virtual CD Installable File System [English]

3. Making and Playing mp3 files with OS/2 [English]

Tonigy-related software:

1. Leech MP3.

2. Tonigy Utility.



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1911 bytes

1420 bytes
Tonigy main screen
(308x202, 3390 bytes)
Tonigy setup window
(263x355, 5039 bytes)

4387 bytes

5922 bytes
CDINFO.TXT on Tonigy drive
(486x374, 6225 bytes)
Tonigy log (drive with hard jitter)
(486x374, 9322 bytes)

Tonigy drive's info and content

2531 bytes

4838 bytes
Tonigy drive's content in FC/2 (Audio CD)
(486x374, 9592 bytes)
Tonigy drive's content in FC/2 (CD-I)
(486x374, 8895 bytes)

Using Tonigy with Audio and Video players

3549 bytes

10848 bytes
Qu/2 is playing WAV from Tonigy drive
(486x374, 5929 bytes)
WarpMedia is playing Video CD-I via Tonigy
(368x272, 77691 bytes)

Using Tonigy together with encoders

3715 bytes

3643 bytes
L3ENC/2 is encoding track directly from CD
(486x374, 5385 bytes)
GOGO is encoding track directly from CD
(486x374, 5124 bytes)


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