Tonigy - Multimedia CD System/2

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2002 Sep 19 (1.7)

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2005 Mar 11

Read overviews of Tonigy:

1. Tonigy IFS [Japanese]

2. Tonigy - A Virtual CD Installable File System [English]

3. Making and Playing mp3 files with OS/2 [English]

Tonigy-related software:

1. Leech MP3.

2. Tonigy Utility.



Overviews of Tonigy

Page Site Language
Tonigy IFS Sassy's Homepage Japanese
Tonigy - A Virtual CD Installable File System Atlanta OS/2 User Group Home Page English
Making and Playing mp3 files with OS/2 OS/2 eZine English

Tonigy-related software

Name Site Comment
Leech MP3 leechmp3 at Hobbes Uses Leech or Tonigy as a CD grabber, LAME as a MP3 encoder and run them simultaneously to reduice encoding time. with CDDB access capability to retrieve tracks titles. LEECHMP3 also speaks to let you know operations progress. REXX Source code is provided as sample.
Tonigy Utility MP3 and OS/2 REXX programs This will make mp3s from the wav files on an Audio CD that is mounted in a Tonigy drive.


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