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2002 Sep 19 (1.7)

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2005 Mar 11

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What is Tonigy?

Tonigy is an Audio/Video/Data CD IFS for OS/2 that maps tracks of Audio CD into WAV or RAW files, tracks of Video CD into MPG files and tracks of Data CD into ISO files. Use it for accessing audio, video and data tracks like ordinary files. Also Tonigy allows to access files of CD-I disks and the boot image of ISO tracks.

Main features:
  • IFS for OS/2
  • represents audio tracks as WAV or RAW files
  • represents video tracks as MPG files
  • represents data tracks as ISO files
  • allows to access CD-I files
  • allows to access boot image of an ISO track
  • easy control and setup by PM GUI panel
  • English/German/Russian interface
  • supports extended attributes (reading/writing)
  • supports adaptive Anti-Jittering for reading audio sectors
  • "Highest Priority" option for slow CD-ROM drives and PCs
  • logging warning and error messages
  • supports control through named pipe

Use Tonigy with Audio CD

First, any sound player becomes an Audio CD digital transfer player supporting Anti-Jitter, while playing WAV or RAW files from a Tonigy drive. You can use Tonigy together with Z!, Qu-Player/2, PM123, a standard MMOS/2 sound player, or any other WAV/RAW player.

Also, Tonigy is an easy to use Audio CD grabber. To grab audio tracks of a compact disk just copy WAV files from a Tonigy drive by your favorite file manager. With Tonigy you need not type long commands and remember command line options of a ripper or a grabber.

Moreover, in many cases you need not grab tracks of an Audio CD! You can encode WAV files from a Tonigy drive directly. It is very comfortable and it saves room on your hard disk. Any encoder which supports WAV or RAW files can works together with Tonigy.

If CD-ROM drive has troubles with synchronization of reading audio sectors, Tonigy can use a special adaptive technology to correct it (Anti-Jitter, also known as De-Jitter or Antijitter). New Anti-Jitter's methods such as dynamicly changed preread and heeding to unstable results of reading are used by Tonigy.

Use Tonigy with Video CD

If you want to copy video track of CD, use Tonigy. Tonigy allow to access tracks of Video CD as MPG files. You can copy these files simply and easily.

Also, Tonigy can be used with MPEG player which does not support Video CD. In this case just play MPG files from a Tonigy drive. Does IBM OpenMPEG fail if tries to play a Video CD directly? Use Tonigy to play Video CD's MPG files by OpenMPEG.

Tonigy supports both Video CD v1.0 and v2.0 standards.

If you have CD-I disks and want to access files from this disks, use Tonigy. A Tonigy drive will contain files from CD-I, that can be viewed, copied or played easily.

Other Tonigy's useful features

A Tonigy drive contains CDINFO.TXT with useful information about CD-ROM drive and CD. See this file if you want to know advanced information about the structure of a compact disk (a type of a track, a mode of sectors, a size of sector without technical data, and so on.

Do you become interested?

See screenshots of Tonigy and screenshots of some programs which are working with a Tonigy drive in the [Screenshots] section. Or download the free 30-day trial version of Tonigy in the [Download] section.


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